Top Special Forces From Around The World

When you are in the business of protecting the nation, everyone is special.

However, there are Special forces that are created for special purposes like counter-terrorism, reconnaissance and to maintain the law& order situation when things get out of control. Here is a list of Top Special forces from around the world:

  1. USA – Navy SEALS:

    SEAL insignia

    The Sea, Air, Land teams are U.S.Navy’s principal special operations force. The Navy SEALs are trained to operate in all environments (Sea, Air, and Land) for which they are named. SEALs are also prepared to operate in climate extremes of scorching desert, freezing Arctic, and humid jungle.

  2. British Army – SAS:

    The Special Air Service of British Army. This unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action and human intelligence gathering. It gained fame and recognition worldwide after successfully assaulting the Iranian Embassy in London and rescuing hostages during the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege.


    A unit of India Navy, created in 1987 have been a part of Operation Pawan & Operation Cactus in 1988. Marcos also participated in Operation Black Tornado 2008 Mumbai Attacks where they stormed the Trident & Taj hotels. The MARCOS are capable of undertaking operations in all types of terrain. MARCOS are widely feared among the terrorists, who call them “Dadiwala fauj“, meaning the “Bearded army” because of their bearded disguise in civil areas.

  4. PAKISTAN – Pakistan’s Special Service Group:

    Founded in 1966 they are also known as Black Stork. The SSG-N courses are extremely tough, one of the toughest courses offered by the Pakistan Military and in the world.

  5. RUSSIA – Spetsnaz:

    The spetsnaz group at a school siege operation

    Spetsnaz is a Russian term typically associated with the special forces units of Russia.They are the equivalent of US Green Berets and instead of undergoing regular training like the other special forces around the world, the Spetsnaz endure pain through punishment daily throughout their training. The legend goes that the Spetsnaz injure each other, breaking ribs, fingers and vertebrae to heal later on, only to get punished even further. They claim that pain can’t be avoided, so they are taught to enjoy it.

  6. GERMANY – GSG 9:

    GSG 9 badge

    Grenzschutzgruppe 9 der Bundespolizei (Border Protection Group 9 of the Federal Police), commonly abbreviated GSG 9 is a German counter-terrorism and special operations unit.



    Poland’s elite counter-terrorism unit. The unit was named after the Silent Unseen (Polish: Cichociemni Spadochroniarze Armii Krajowej) – Poland’s elite World War II special-operations unit.


    The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, commonly abbreviated GIGN is a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. It is part of the National Gendarmerie and is trained to perform counter-terrorist and hostage rescue missions in France or anywhere else in the world.

  9. AUSTRIA – EKO Cobra:

    EKO Cobra Patch

    EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) is Austria’s primary counter-terrorism special operations tactical unit. It is not part of the Austrian Federal Police but is directly under the control of the Austrian Federal Ministry for the Interior.

  10. ITALY – GIS:

    Gruppo di Intervento Speciale Insignia

    Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS, in English “Special Intervention Group”) is an elite airborne special operations counter-terrorism tactical response unit inside the Italian Carabinieri military police. The unit has taken part in counter-terrorism operations and VIP, executive and dignitary protection security details ever since the inception of the GIS