Indian Army Men Will Soon Be Seen Driving Tata Safari Storme And Mahindra Scorpio

The 2 cars, Tata Safari Storme and Mahindra Scorpio, have achieved a feat not many cars have. These two cars have passed a number of tests that were conducted by the Indian Army, and are now an option for the tenders to come. The Army, which until now, was heavily dependent on cars like Maruti gypsy and Mahindra Commando, asked various companies to send in their upgraded models for testing. Around 15 companies, including Toyota, Hyundai and even Ford had given their top-notch army-class vehicles for testing, while the Army then shortlisted Tata and Mahindra, as they deemed fit.

The Army requires cars that have a payload of 800 kg, along with air conditioning and a heavy top. Up until now, they were surviving on the GS500 vehicles, which could just carry half a ton. This move was predicted by many auto makers because it had now become general knowledge that the Army was slowly phasing out the aged Gypsy because of the change in the norms and regulations.

The Indian makers had submitted their cars almost three years back, along with the other companies. These cars went through rigorous training, under different weather conditions and on different terrains.
The tedious trials also included many technical and maintenance tests for both, the Safari Storme as well as Scorpio. What is very obvious that these SUVs won’t be the same as they are on the road. The SUVs will be modified slightly, such as blacked out lights along with convoy lamps, as well as a provision for water and ammunition with hooks at the rear for the towing of military equipment.

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