10 Things You Can Learn From A Fauji Kid


10) Flexibility
Our ability to adapt to whatever situation we’re in is amazing. Its bloody tough to find a grumpy fauji kid.

9) Resiliency
Fauji kids face quite a few challenges packed into their short lives: multiple moves being one of them, being the “new kid” again and again, constantly adjusting to new cultures and places. We manage all this with grace. We’re adaptable and bounce back like nobody’s business.

8) Find fun where you can
Fauji kids are masters of making fun wherever they can. Be it playing dark room with their friends in a small cantt mess, or helping their dad in packing stuff when he gets posted to a new place. Fauji kids know how to have fun.

7) Focus on the positive
Fauji kids have lived out the meaning of looking on the bright side. You would never see a fauji kid crying over the fact that his dad has been posted to a small city. THey take pride and remain positive in most stiuations, always!

6) Everyone is a potential friend
We’ve lived all over the world, and have an interesting assortment of friends. If you talk about regionalism, we can’t comprehend why anyone would discriminate friends based on a religion that they belong to. You’ll be judged on who you are and how you act, not anything else.

5) Embrace life
“YOLO” (You Only Live Once) – I m sure a fauji kid coined this phrase.We extend the vulnerable hand of friendship to someone we barely know.

4) Appreciate the small things
We don’t take anything for granted, whether it’s having a parent back after deployment to something simple like electricity. Did we not love sitting on those garden chairs even when they were broken.

3) Be fearless
If you walk into a new situation and the worst that happens is that you make a fool of yourself…so what? We face new situations with maturity, grace, and fearlessness.

2) The world is an amazing place
We believe in the face that there is always something new to be discovered, places to explore, friends to make, and more old monk to drink. 🙂

1) Patriotism
You couldn’t teach them a thing about this topic. By golly, they’ve lived it. They know firsthand the price that comes with active duty service. You won’t see them slouching or sitting during the playing of our National Anthem. No, they’d be the ones you see standing straight, in full attention.


This post is inspired by this article. Wait, this is the 11th thing you can learn from us; give credit wherever it is due. Jai Hind